No lights, no sounds, no signs of human presence. Just the ocean, the jungle and the waterfalls…
Breakaway and discover a pristine paradise island, only 45 scenic minutes away from the small town of Sumbawa Besar.

Gazebo with pillows and pool on the back at resort on Moyo Island

Right on the beach, in the middle of the wilderness, lies the pitoresque resort on Moyo Island, Moyo Island Beach Resort. A place, designed to combine the accommodation of a luxurious holiday, with the marvel of raw, untouched, savage nature.

Picture starting your morning to the sounds of wild birds. Only one look away from your comfortable, double bed, a group of monkeys is playing with their cubs, minding their own business. If it doesn’t feel like a dream just yet, imagine enjoying your breakfast in the garden, with the serenity of the beach in one hand and the savageness of the jungle in the other. This perfect balance, is actually, a common morning at Moyo Island Beach Resort and the start of your adventure.

Our resort has 5 spacious rooms and 1 large beach cottage, only for a few fortunate guests. Each one of them has it’s own private terrace and benefits from air conditioning and hot water. All lodgings are equipped with desks for your laptops and various sockets, to recharge your electronic devices and stay connected to the outside world.

A narrow dirt road is the sole way to access the resort by land. It’s only viable by foot, bicycle or motorbike. This small road takes south, to the small village of Brang Rea, which is 4 km away and also, the only village in a radius of 10 km. The area is inhabited by colorful butterflies, curious monkeys, shy wild pigs, fierce deer, buffalo traces and wild flowers, an untaimed piece of paradise.

The resort on Moyo Island faces the Flores Sea. The solid private pier in front of the property is the perfect way to enter the water for a refreshing swim, or an unforgettable dive on the house reef. Our pier is also one of our guests’ s favorite spots to enjoy the incredible sunsets that Moyo Island offers.
You might want to join the diving boat and let yourself allured by the beauty of Moyo’ s underwater world. Unspoiled coral reefs, sharks and rare critters, are just a few minutes away from the pier.
The pool is definitely a special place to unwind on a hot afternoon or to get a relaxing massage.

Enjoying a drink, while watching the sunset, is the perfect appetizer, right before dining at our restaurant. Our head chef can prepare both local and international dishes, tasty pastry and Italian specialties. All the other members of our kitchen staff are Moyo Island’s natives and proudly prepare local, traditional receipes and Sumbawa meals.
Your experience here will not be complete, until you spend some time stargazing at night.
Since our location is so secluded, we try to prevent light pollution and keep our night lighting as low as possible. The Milky Way and other trillions of stars have never looked so close, as they look here, on Moyo Island’s night sky. Pack a good camera with strong lens! Very few places in the world offer such a view of the starry skies.

At Moyo Island Beach Resort, we make sure you will fully enjoy what Moyo Island has to offer. Dare to be a castaway by choice. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you to start the adventure you’ve been craving for so long.

Services and Facilities – Moyo Island Beach Resort

Moyo Island Beach Resort offers some exclusive Facilities for his guests