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Moyo Island’s Best Activities

Looking for adventure on Moyo Island? Choose one or more of the Moyo Island’s best activities and create your perfect experience

The calm and clear water of Moyo makes the island the perfect snorkeling spot.

Colorful fish and beautiful corals are there to make your snorkeling experience the highlight of your holiday.

The amazing marine life of Moyo can be seen by jumping in the water from our private jetty or we can organize trips by boat to discover more snorkeling spots around the island.

There is a total of 3 waterfalls on Moyo Island: Idumbaii, Mata Jitu, and Sangalo.

It takes only a 45-minute walk in Moyo’s jungle from our resort to jump and swim in the fresh and clear water of Idumbaii waterfall.

Moyo Island Beach Resort is the perfect starting point to discover the waterfalls on the island.

Mata Jitu is the most famous waterfall on Moyo Island. It is also known as the ‘Lady Diana Waterfall’ since the Princess of Wales used to visit it and even now other celebrities and international athletes still choose Moyo and Mata Jitu as their holiday destination.

From our resort, it is possible to reach Mata Jitu in an hour and a half walk. Curious monkeys and colorful butterflies will be the perfect subjects for some amazing pictures along the way.

Sangalo is less known because it is a little more secluded.  It takes about half an hour by boat to arrive at Sangalo waterfall from Moyo Island Beach Resort.

Trekking on Moyo is the best way to discover the beauty of the island.       

A local guide will take you to discover the flora and fauna of the Natural Reserve.

Deers, wild pigs, monkeys, and monitor lizards are regularly seen. Parrots and other birds are normally resting or singing on trees along the way.  Many species of butterflies can be found near small rivers and ponds.

The Natural Reserve has no roads or houses and it is very easy to get lost unless a local guide is with you to ensure your safety and to help you experience the charm of the island’s jungle.

Mount Tambora is a well-known volcano on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia. It is famous because of its eruption in 1815, the largest volcanic eruption recorded in history, killed over 100,000 people and caused a climate cooling in 1816, which became known as the year without summer.

Being in Moyo island, you are already half-way to the majestic Tambora Volcano.  Our partners from ‘Visit Tambora’ will arrange a pick-up by boat from our Resort for guests willing to reach the area.

 ‘Visit Tambora’ boasts of a guesthouse directly on the Volcano from where you will start your trek. They can organize your hike to Tambora providing food, porters, and all the necessary equipment for you. You may inquire at to get more information.