How to reach Moyo Island

So, this is the most common question we deal with: How to reach Moyo Island?

And all its sub-questions:

How do i get to Moyo from Singapore? Kuala Lumpur? Perth?

How do i get to Moyo from Bangkok? and from Hong Kong? 

What’s the best route to visit Moyo from Europe? and from USA?

First of all, it is not that complicated. The problem is the lack of information and all the misleading advices you find online. 

We already went through this topic in one of our website pages: How to Get to Moyo Island.

Although it is probably the most complete guide on how to reach Moyo island, it deals mostly with transportations within the Indonesia archipelago.

Here we want to get into deeper details. Especially for those willing to reach Moyo Island directly from outside Indonesia; therefore, here we are going to focus mainly on air travels.

First of all, to reach Moyo, you must land at the Sumbawa Besar airport (SWQ).

Sumbawa Besar’ s airport is, at present, only connected (with direct flight) to the Lombok International Airport (LOP).

Lombok International Airport is well connected to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Perth and other major cities in Asia and Australia.

The best option is to visit the Air Asia website and check out their latest schedules. Also and are useful resources when planning your trip to Moyo Island.

Lombok is also very well connected to some major indonesian cities: Jakarta, Bali (Denpasar), Surabaya, Solo, etc… 

So, if you happen to land in an Indonesian city, it is going to be easy to make your way to Lombok, and then onwards to Sumbawa Besar. is definitely the best website to both find and book flights within Indonesia.

The above applies especially if you are an Asian or an Australian resident or if you are stopping over any Asian city along the way.

But, what if you are an European or American resident? How can you reach Moyo Island if you’ re travelling from the West side of the globe?

According to our experience, the best airlines to fly to Asia are:

KLM, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Singapore Airlines. 

We always suggest to look for flights landing in Jakarta or Denpasar (Bali).

And now that you’ve reached Sumbawa Besar Airport? How are you going get to Moyo?

You can find deep info on this both in our guide and in our FAQs.

The only option is, obviously, to use a boat.

There are public boats that run every day, charter boats and our resort’ s private boat.

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