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Get to know the personalities and the representatives you are most likely to meet when visiting Moyo Island.

Moyo is a relative small island off Sumbawa Besar. It hosts 4 villages with a total of about 1000 inhabitants.

The Desa (Indonesian for “main village”) is Labuhan Aji, on the west coast of the island. Labuhan Aji is about 4 km away from Blue emOcean and where you will land on Moyo if you are coming via public boat. It is also the village the hosts the most important people of the island.

People in the transportation business

Speaking about public boat, you will definitely meet Pak Bedo when boarding it. Bedo is the owner of the public boat and drives back and forth Sumbawa Besar-Moyo Island every day. He and his public boat have a key role on the economy of Moyo. He transports people, goods,supplies,  food, tourists, diesel and petrol, money, documents, animals, motorbikes and much much more. 

Another person you’ll almost certainly meet as soon as you arrive on Moyo island is Pak Hamabana. Moyo has very poor infrastructures and its road are narrow, unpaved and difficult to travel. But, if you need to move from one place to another on Moyo, Hamabana is the guy you want to go to. He is the leader of the ojek (motorbike taxis) of the island. There are no cars on Moyo and motorbikes are the only mean of transport available. He makes sure that motorbike taxis are always available, he manages the drivers, etc. He also negotiates the new ojek’ s fares each year with village representatives and tourism leaders. As fares are fixed, each year they need to be re-discussed and adjusted.

Istitutional figures

Labuhan Aji village, as the main village of Moyo island, is where the Kepala Desa office is located. The Kepala Desa (Head of the Village) is elected by popular vote every 4 years. At present, the Kepala Desa in Charge is Pak Suhardi. He is the person in charge to represents Moyo island. Kepala Desa is the link between local residents, institutions and government. He is the person that locals refer to when they have a problem, any kind of problem. So, according to the situation, he may act as a mediator, peace-maker, lawyer, advisor and more. He is also in charge for approvals related to the tourism sector and the sale and purchase of lands.

At Blue emOcean we are lucky enough to have one of the Moyo island’ s personalities as a member of our staff. Pak Baco is an RT (representative of a neighborhood) and one of the oldest member of the Moyo’ s community. He works as keeper at our resort and he is the person we refer to when we have to deal with representatives from the nearby village. You’ ll see him walking around our garden with his broom and a sweet smile on his face.

A guide for future generations

Another personality that definitely need a mention is Pak Ramli. Ramli is a Bahasa Ingriss Guru (English teacher) at the local school. He also covers the role of Immam at the local mosque and during various religious gatherings.

He helps both Blue emOcean and Amanwana resorts by providing guidance to the local staff of the island. As former Amanwana’ s employer he knows well the hospitality business and how to provide high level of customer care. His focus is now to pass on his knowledge to the new generation on local workers in the tourism sector of moyo island.

It is very easy to get along with Pak Ramli and, as Moyo native, he is alway happy to provide lots of information about the island. Certainly a person that will enrich your vacation on Moyo Island.

Come visit Moyo island and you’ll get to meet these personalities and many many more.

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