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How to chose a dive resort in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a very diverse country that attracts all kind of scuba divers. Both very demanding divers and novices willing to enhance their diving skills, will find top dive resort facilities around the Indonesian Archipelago. 

But, when it comes to choose where to go, it is necessary to narrow down the options as Indonesia offers an astonishing number of dive resorts.

Here are the top 5 features to consider when choosing a Dive Resort in Indonesia:

1. Safety

Only look for reputable dive resorts. Read carefully guests reviews and analyse them meticulously. Go through the dive resort’ s website and collect all the available informations about their safety standards. If there are no informations about safety, then probably safety is NOT their top priority. Reputable dive resorts in Indonesia spend lots of resources on safety and understand how important is to highlight these features to their customers.

2. Location

Indonesia is huge. Each and every island offers different underwater conditions, flora, fauna, temperatures, etc… So, it is first necessary to find out what you and your dive buddies are expecting from you dive holiday.  Looking for big fishes and pelagics? You might then consider heading to Alor Island or Raja Ampat. Curious about small, rare and elusive critters? Then Ambon Island or the Lembeh Strait must be on top of your list. Not sure of what really interests you? Opt for a dive resort on Moyo Island or Bali. Both destinations offer macro dives, sharks, mantas, etc..

3. Logistic

How far is the dive resort from the dive spots and how do they reach them? You are going to dive every day for 1 or 2 weeks. Nobody wants to spend endless hours on a slow boat, car or a small bus without air condition. It’s a waste of time and it also create a lot of irritation within the dive group. It is best to consider well the position of the dive resort. A boat trip of max 20 to 30 minutes each way is the ideal time as it allows the divers to set up the gear, enjoy the scenery, spot dolphins, etc.. More than 20 minutes can become boring after a few days, very uncomfortable in case of bad weather and, of course, less safe. When possible, choose dive boats rather than cars or buses. 

 4. Dive Boats fleet

Dive boats are normally the greatest pride for an Indonesia dive resort. A dive boat must be, first of all, safe, with a specially trained crew, comfortable and reliable.

An experience dive crew should give a detailed briefing of their dive boat’ s features on your first day. Particularly highlighting the position of the first aid kit and the emergency oxygen tank.

As a scuba diver, you are going to spend many hours a day dealing with that boat. A poorly designed dive boat can soon become a nightmare. Dive boat are also the main cause of dive injuries.

 5. Eco-Friendly Dive Resorts

When possible, try to promote eco-friendly holidays. You’ ll help the development of an ecologically aware local community.

Indonesia produces 25000 tons of plastic every day (Source: Jakarta Post, 01/2019) . It is crucial for dive resorts to play a role in trying to reduce this amount. Dive resorts tend to focus on the marine conservation and often organise events such as beach cleanings, coral restoration and much more. Marine protected areas show huge signs of improvement, even in the short term. Eco-friendly tourism is the foundation for these great things to happen.

These are the top 5 characteristics to take in consideration. There are other factors such as the languages spoken by the dive team, especially if you are going to take a dive course. Macro photographer will need to make sure to have the best spotters available in Indonesia.

Do not hesitate to contact your dive resort. We, at Blue emOcean Resort, are happy to answer any question to make sure that we are the right facility for your needs.

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