A map of indonesia with a red circle on bali and Moyo Island

The Indonesian archipelago is huge and made up of about 17000 islands. Each and every island has its own unique characteristics and beauties: different languages, traditions, religions, natural attractions, etc..

The country is also located right in the middle of the Coral Triangle, making diving in Indonesia, probably, the best on the planet.

Here is our suggestion for the best combination of stay and dive in Bali and Moyo Island. Dive Bali and, right afterward, Moyo Island offers a unique mix of Indonesian culture, landscapes, savage nature and, of course, the best indonesian diving. It can be done in 10 days and with the average budget of a diving holiday.


For our diving in Bali, we like to use the services and experience of Bali Secrets Diving Safari, a dive center located in the village of Sanur. 

Most importantly, during the first 5 days in Bali, we will dive the best of the best that the island offers: Nusa Penida, Padang Bai, Tulamben.

Nusa Penida is worldwide famous because of its manta point and for the “notorious” Mola Mola aka sunfish. A speedboat is required in order to reach and dive this small island off Bali.

Padang Bai is home to a stunning dive site called The Jetty, with a great chance to see Rhinopias frondosa along with other critters. We’ ll need a short Jukung (local boat) ride to reach this old jetty.

To dive Bali’ s famous Tulamben, we’ ll need to drive east for a couple of hours. Tulamben hosts the remarkable Liberty’ s shipwreck, a resident population of bumphead parrotfish and an amazing coral reef. All these extraordinary dive sites are all accessible from the shore.

Certainly Bali diving is special and offers a lot. The downside is that we always need a car to move around the island and reach the famous Bali’ s dive spots. Unfortunately the traffic is terrible in Bali. As a result of that, traffic jams are everywhere with plenty of cars and overloaded motorbikes. Due to this. Bali loses a lot of its tropical charm.

However, moving around Bali by car, offers plenty of opportunity to visit attractions beyond the sole Bali diving. Many temples, rice fields, lakes are right on the way to the dive sites.


After this first day of diving in Bali, a 40 minutes flight will take us to Sumbawa Besar. Another 40 minutes by speedboat we will reach Blue emOcean, west coast of Moyo Island!

Here we can forget about cars and traffic and only focus on monkeys, water buffalos and wild pigs. The real adventures starts here on Moyo.

Blue emOcean is strategically located on Sejelek cape. Therefore, one of the most beautiful and diverse dive spot of the island is right at our doorstep and easily accessible from the resort’ s private jetty. Blue emOcean’ s house reef hosts a great population of reef sharks along with other pelagics. Ghost pipefishes and the elusive blue ring octopus inhabit this paradise dive sport too. Manta rays and whale sharks occasionally pass by the house reef. 

Roctopus Dive Moyo Island is the dive center that will take care of our safety and logistic. 

During our 5 days stay on Moyo, we’ ll visit also visit other dive spots such as Shark Point, Endless Reef, Angel Reef, and others. They are all located within 10 minutes boat trip and offer mainly pelagic fishes, sharks and turtles. Critters such as pygmy seahorses and frogfishes are regularly spotted.

The volcanic island of Satonda is a must-see both for its underwater landscapes and for its lake that once was its crater.

Unlike Bali, Moyo has no temples or cultural attractions. Its strength is the lush nature: animals, jungle and , of course, its waterfalls. The most famous, and most spectacular waterfall is the Lady Diana Waterfall (Mata Jitu). There is a total of 4 waterfalls on the island and one of them is within walking distance from Blue emOcean resort.

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