drone view of Moyo Island

Here are the Top 5 reasons why you should visit Moyo Island

Moyo is a natural wonderland. Pristine jungle, unspoiled coral reefs, lack of tourists are what makes this place a real paradise island. 

But, many times, people still ask us: Why should i visit Moyo Island? What can i do once on the island? What is there to see? How do i get there?

We always invite people to visit our FAQs page as it offers many handy information.

However, these useful resources don’ t answer all the questions that a traveller may have.


Bali, Lembongan, the 3 Gilis, Komodo, Raja Ampat are flooded with tourists every single day of the year.

As we all know, there is a niche of travellers that desperately try to avoid the tourist crowd. Even though Moyo is slowly getting more attention from international tourists, it still remains off the beaten track. This is definitely the main reasons why you should visit Moyo as soon as possible. It is a feeling that you immediately have as soon as you arrive here.

Locals don’ t speak English but shyly try to invite you for a coffee in their simple houses. When walking in the jungle, you don’t hear anything but the sound of nature, monkeys and birds.

When diving, the reef is all for yourself and your dive buddies. You’ ll not bump into any other group of divers.

Moyo also offers an unique stargazing experience. 

Did you know that from our resort you can clearly see the Milky Way?


Definitely the symbol of the island. Mata Jitu could be described as “the perfect waterfall”. It is best known as Lady Diana Waterfall as the late princess of Wales used to visit this place too. Crystal clear waters flows down and forms 5 pools where visitors can bathe and relax. The water then goes to a larger pool that then becomes a river, it’s an unbelievable scenery. The water here flows so gently that literally anyone can swim in it. More intrepid travellers, have the chance to dive from the top of the waterfall into this large pool.


Over 70% of the island is a protected National Park. It was established in 1986 to protect the unique environment of Moyo island. 

Macaques (Macaca fascicularis), deers (Cervus timorensis), wild pigs, wild buffaloes are among the many species on mammals inhabiting Moyo.

A walk in the jungle offers the chance to encounter these wild animals while walking surrounded by massive trees. During these trekking trips, the presence of a local guide is highly recommended.

The National Park is also a paradise for bird watchers. It hosts 86 species of birds, 2 of them endangered: the Cacatua and the Megapode (endemic of indonesia). The island is home to 21 bat species.

The Sumbawa Tiger along with other species of butterflies are another spectacular sights while walking in this wild jungle.


The whole coastline of Moyo island has been declared Marine Park.

As divers, we are very sensitive to matters regarding the conservation of our oceans. Our resort faces the Flores sea, and we are happy that the waters that we admire every day are actively protected. The abundance of fish and corals are the 2 reasons that pushed us to visit Moyo Island in first place.

Moyo’ s coral reefs are home to many species of sharks, including whale sharks. Black-tip and white-tip sharks are spotted every dive. The abundant population of sharks is a sign that the marine ecosystem of Moyo island is healthy. Along with sharks, Moyo hosts other “big boys” such as tunas, groupers, snappers, sailfish and more. Spotters and macro photographers, will be delighted by the vast array of macro life and critters. Blue ringed octopus, mimic octopus, mototi octopus, pygmy seahorse, harlequin shrimps, various species of frogfish are all residents of our reefs.


How to reach your destination remains a critical factor when planning a holiday. And, especially when dealing with an immense archipelago like Indonesia, challenges are huge.

Fortunately, Moyo island is easy reach from International hubs such as Jakarta, Bali and Lombok. Reaching Moyo doesn’ t require a lot of efforts or money like other destinations. It is actually quite easy! and our How to Get Here on our website

Check out our guide Getting to Moyo Island, it is probably the best resource available on how to set foot on our beautiful island.

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