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Diving in Sumbawa offers many peculiar spots and definitely needs to be in every diver bucket list.

Indonesia is the best and most famous destination for scuba diving. World class dive destinations such as Sulawesi, Bali, Raja Ampat, Komodo stand out of the crowd.

The immense Indonesian archipelago offers many scuba dive destinations such as the Banda Sea, Hamlaheira, Lembeh, Lombok. Finally, Sumbawa diving is making its way into this world class dive destinations.


The pristine and untouched coral reefs of Moyo Island are definitely standing out of the crowd when talking about diving Sumbawa Island.

Clear and warm water that hosts sharks, tunas, snappers, groupers and much much more. In fact Moyo hosts some elusive critters such as frogfish, ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses, bluering octopuses, etc.. 

Moyo’ s coral reefs are plenty of healthy hard and soft corals that are perfect for both scuba divers and snorkelers. Moyo is getting more and more famous in the freediving community as well. With its deep vertical walls close to the shoreline, gentle currents, perfect visibility Moyo island makes the diving in Sumbawa attractive also for the niche of freedivers.

Davide Carrera, freediving champion and record holder, is a personal friend of us and gave positive comments on Moyo island on multiple occasions.


The huge Saleh Bay lies just east of Moyo Island. Recent studies actually speculated that Moyo and Saleh bay, were once a huge volcano. The bay is at the moment under the spotlight for its huge resident population of whale sharks. Biologists from all over the world are now gathering in Saleh Bay to study the behaviours of these gentle giants.

The bay offers perfect conditions for diving all year round. The water is always flat and warm and plankton is abundant. Plankton, being whale shark’ s favourite food, is actually what keeps them inside the bay.

Unlike Moyo island, there are no proper dive resorts or dive centers. 

We, at Blue emOcean, together with our own Roctopus dive center, are planning to offer daily trips to this paradise bay in the near future. Stay tuned!


Another elite dive spots that makes Sumbawa a world class dive destination is the Sangean Volcano. Yes, a volcano: an active volcano!

Sangean Api is actually an island off the north of Sumbawa. It is formed by 2 active volcanic cones that last erupted in 2014.

Diving here is impressive both for of the scenery offered by this incredible volcanic island and for the underwater landscape. In fact, Sangean volcano is famous among the diving community for its “bubbling reef”. Here, the volcanic activity releases different gases that leak through thousands of tiny holes in the coral reef. It is just one of the most spectacular phenomenon you might see underwater.

However, muck diving enthusiasts will find their cup of tea along the black sand of this island. The island is home to mototi octopus, blue ring octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, spiny devil scorpionfish, bobtail squid, mimic octopus and many other species.

The vast array of species of frogfish, ghost pipefish, ribbon eels, stargazers, bobbit worm, weird shrimps and crabs, rhinopias completes the great variety of critters that will satisfy even the most demanding divers.

Definitely an haven for underwater photographers and muck diving addicts.

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