pigmy seahorse on a gorgonia

Even if November is low season on Moyo, the weather and sea conditions are still spectacular.

So, since the island is so quiet, we decided to jump on our dive boat and do some explorative diving around Moyo island.

Moyo is a small island and all the diving activities are now centered at Takat Segele, Angel Reef, Endless Reef. These dive sites definitely offer world class diving but give a very limited choice for a dive center based on Moyo island like us.

That is why we often take time off to find new dive sites, map them and push the diving on Moyo island to the next level by discovering new species that inhabit our coral reefs.

The last few diving exploration trips have all been along the west coast of Moyo island, north of Moyo Island Beach Resort.

It’ s amazing, surprising and exciting to be the first to jump and dive a brand new dive spots but takes a lot of experience and equipment to pinpoint locations and carry out the activities safely. A reliable dive boat is essential as well as a trained boat crew and an experienced captain, together with enthusiast dive guides and instructors are the key to success when exploring new dive sites.

Yellow Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti).

In the last few days we have been lucky enough to find what is going to be on of the highlights of your diving holiday on Moyo island: a Yellow Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti).

This little guy is less than one centimeter long and lives in sea fans that are have its exact skin color and texture. Yes, it is awfully hard to find! And one of the biggest challenges for a dive guide is to spot it and show it to divers.

Luckily for us we have Nicolas that, with more than 10 years experience dealing with small critters, is the guy to go for these tasks.

We were aware of the presence of Pygmy Seahorses that had been spotted while diving around Moyo Island. But this is the first yellow Bargibanti found on the island’ s coral reefs.

Of course this was not the only discovery we made.

We also spotted sea moths, ghost pipefishes, Spanish dancers and other nudibranches and guess what…. a huge manta ray that played with us for a good 20 minutes.

More exploration diving around Moyo island will follow soon.

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