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Moyo Island diving is definitely among the best in Indonesia.

So far only a small portion of the island has been explored. Dive operators, mostly liveaboard boats, tend to visit the same places. These dive spots are amazing indeed, plenty of sharks and healthy corals.

Our own Moyo Dive Center is trying to take the Moyo Island diving to a new level by exploring new dive sites every time we have the chance to do it.

For the past few days our staff was focusing on the coral reefs located north of the Moyo Island Beach Resort.

“The more we go north, the better it gets”

What the Moyo Dive Center staff said today is “The more we go north, the better it gets”.

These Moyo Island Diving exploration trips have been very rewarding so far, much more than what we were expecting actually.

About 30 minutes north of our resort lies a massive wall with astonishing corals, Napoleon wrasses, eagle rays, sharks, lobsters. This huge wall goes deep down and will require many more explorative dives to go further north and reach the end of it.

Tomorrow Moyo Dive Center dive boat will be off again for more explorative dives and to discover more fascinating details of the Moyo Diving.

“The Wall”

The plan is to continue exploring “The Wall” during the first dive.

For the second dive we aim to add a new macro dive site to our Moyo Island Diving map!

Moyo Dive Center boasts very skilled dive guides with more than 10 years of experience dealing with macro critters in Amed and Tulamben, on the island of Bali.

Other members of the Moyo Dive Center team have gained experience diving out of the Java Island searching for pelagic and other big stuff.

We do believe that, at Moyo Island Beach Resort, we have the right team, the right setting, the right attitude and the knowledge to bring up the best Moyo Island Diving.

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