eudishow 2019

This was the first time that our Moyo Island Beach Resort was listed as exhibitor at the European Dive Show in Bologna, Italy.
All the major dive operators were in Bologna on 1st , 2nd and 3rd May at their boots inside the Bologna Fair.
In 2019 As NADD partner, Moyo Island Beach Resort and our own Dive Center, had their space at the huge NADD boot.
Attending this famous expo means meeting divers, freedivers, dive center owners and managers, dive guides and instructors, etc… But it also means meeting some of the “big names” of our business field.
At our boot we had the pleasure to host freediving champions such as:

Umberto Pellizzari: 150 meters (490feet) NO LIMITS dive in October 1999 and former World Record holder in EVERY free diver discipline.
He is also the founder and president of the Apnea Academy, a freediving agency that trains instructors that teach freediving worldwide.

Gianluca Genoni: the first man who swam for over 60 meters at 3000 meters above sea level underneath a 1 meter layer of ice. In October 2003 in Nepal, Genoni, was the first man freediving at 5200 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount Everest. In November 2008 he set a new world record for static apnea, holding his breath for a staggering 18’3’’69 (using hyperventilation and pure oxygen).
His personal freediving recort is -120 meters set in 2012.

Claudia Serpieri: world record-holder, technical diver and instructor.
Claudia holds a number of world records:
women’s deepest dive on open circuit (211 m or 692 ft),
women’s deepest altitude dive in lake (180 m or 591 ft),
women’s deepest wreck dive (129 m or 423 ft).
She also holds the Italian women’s record for deepest dive in a sinkhole (103 m or 338 ft) and in a cave (86 m or 282 ft), and leads the exploration team at the sinkhole Merro in Italy (199 m or 653 ft).

Davide Carrera: In 2009, he established the Italian National Record with -99 meters. In 2013 he established three Italian Records with -101, -103 and -93 meters in various disciplines, during Vertical Blue at the Bahamas.
In 2017 he established two new Italian Records with -114 in constant weight and -75 in no fins.
Davide is constantly engaged taking part in competitions, TV show, films, interviews and organizing courses in Italy and abroad.
Davide is a personal friend of our Hotel Manager and he already came to visit us on Moyo Island last year. He promised that he will be back on Moyo soon to hold a freediving and Yoga retreat.

During these 3 days we had the pleasure of meeting many scuba divers interested in visiting Moyo island and Moyo Island Beach Resort. We also met some of our own guests that came to Moyo already and have booked with us their next diving holiday at our resort.

Now the 2019 EUDI SHOW is in the books. We are already looking forward to the next one.

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