local staff cleaning the beach

2nd Beach Cleaning of the season

Beach cleaning in Indonesia is an important activity to save the planet. Sadly Indonesia is facing every day the problem of plastic and pollution, also in remote area as Moyo Island.

At Moyo Island Beach Resort we organize often this activity, also to teach to local community how important is to take care of our planet.

For this reason, the last 2 days have been all about beach cleaning at Moyo Island Beach Resort.

Our managers, together with our staff, managed to involve the local community from the nearby village to help us during the cleaning process.

About 10 people from Brang Rea village joined the cleaning team of our resort and successfully removed all the rubbish brought in by the big waves of the last rainy season.

In the afternoon the divers also joined them and helped out.

Even though our divers are normally up to make a third dive in the afternoon, they decided to skip the normal afternoon program to speed up the beach cleaning.

It took 2 days only to clean the 100 meters long stretch of beach right in front of our restaurant.

In the next few days, we will divide our workforce in 2 groups and we will continue to clean the left side and the right side of our property.

When this cleaning will be completed, John, one of our staff from Brang Rea, will be the one in charge for the daily routine to keep the beach clean. We hope this will be enough until the next monsoon season when currents and big waves will bring ashore more plastic and other debris.

Indonesia is still fighting its battle against plastic. Beach cleaning in Indonesia is an important activity to save the planet and teach a good behaviour to local communities.

At Moyo Island Beach Resort, like at many other international resorts, we are doing our best and taking all possible actions to avoid the use of plastic.

Unfortunately, especially in local communities, plastic is still widely used and thrown in the ocean, forests, jungles, rivers, rice fields, etc…

Hopefully in the next few years, also here in Indonesia, people will become more sensitive and respect their environment and the nature of their own country.

The local government is already organizing events at the local school where officials from different organizations explain to our young kids on Moyo how to deal with this problem.

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