2 Season… AND A 3rd one!

bananas on a three

By:  Jack, Indonesian Head of Gardening & Landscaping Team at Moyo Island Beach Resort

Moyo Island has basically two seasons:  dry and rainy.

I and members of my team were all born and raised on Moyo Island, and we have lived with its kind of climate since our childhood.

All of us have to plan and manage our activities, both personal and professional, according to the season. Whether you work in the ocean, on a rice field, cultivating vegetables, raising buffalos, or you have a job in a hotel, the season will play a major part in your activities.

Moyo Island Beach Resort is proud of its amazing tropical garden that spreads from the rooms on the back side up to the swimming pool and beach bungalow.

Our responsibilities are to keep the grass green, the trees and plants healthy, and the whole area clean.

Aside from the big tropical garden, we have also allotted a few spots around the property to grow our own vegetables and fruits.

The main garden at the resort features huge bougainvillea, many species and colors of large frangipani, several trees like palm, banana, coconut, and mango, as well as more plants like aloe and agave.

In our vegetable garden, we grow multiple kinds of chilly, pepper, watermelon, carrot, potato, rocket, lettuce, and some spices such as basil, rosemary, mint, and others.

We also have a dedicated aloe vera garden. Aloe vera is a very important plant to have around as we use it a lot for our guests. If they get a sunburn or some kind of skin rash, we only need to cut a piece of aloe vera, scrub it on the skin, and leave some of the pulp on the injured part overnight. We are successful almost every time we use this herbal treatment.

Being responsible for such a huge garden becomes a great challenge during the dry season. The dry season on Moyo Island is the longest one which is from March to December.

March to October is definitely the most difficult time for me and my team. The weather is very warm and dry, sunshine is intense during the whole day, and there is no rain at all for months.

During this period, we have to pay extra attention to our gardens. Luckily for us, Moyo Island has plenty of water. It comes down from the hills inside the National Park, forms waterfalls and rivers, and abundant all year round.

One thing that amazes me, my colleagues, and our guests the most is that even in the peak of the dry season, after a few months of no rain, Lady Diana Waterfall and the other waterfalls remain with plenty of water.  It is astonishing to see the ponds underneath the waterfalls full of water and the rivers retain their normal water level. It’s a phenomenal sight.

During the dry season, we spend most of our days in Moyo Island Beach Resort watering the grass, trees, and vegetables. The resort has its own wells where we get the water for our gardens and for all other uses.

November is the beginning of another short season that nobody talks about. I personally call it the ‘3rd season’ of Moyo island.

During these two months (November and December), the weather is still very warm, it does not rain but the sunshine is not as intense as before due to the clouds that announce the upcoming rainy season, and the air is not as dry anymore.

This not-so-sunny weather is a true blessing for our gardens. After months of dryness and intense sunshine, our plants and grass immediately turn into bright colors and healthy green.

This ‘3rd season’ is the perfect time to plant new flowers and plants.  Based on my experience, new plants develop their strength very quickly after being planted and are ready to benefit from the rainy season that starts in mid- January.

During the rainy season, the gardens reach its peak of splendor, all thanks to the rain that falls abundantly. All we have to do is cut the grass that grows at an unbelievable pace and marvel at the beauty of the flowers that grow luxuriantly in the gardens of Moyo Island Beach Resort.

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